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Dyslexia Consultants in Croydon

Get in touch with the Specialist Teachers and Dyslexia Assessors at Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service to discuss training, assessment and tuition requirements.

Professional Dyslexia Consultants

Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service provides consultancy and training for schools. This includes assessments, in-school tuition, strategies for both classroom teaching and small group/1-1 support, using structured intervention and technology. 
Training will be tailored to requirements

We will provide you with:

Training on Dyslexia and SpLDs - promoting awareness of Dyslexia
Workshops for Schools and other Groups
Various levels of Assessment

Speak to us

We have worked with many schools, carers and learning centres. Our assessors are specialist teachers with an Assessment Practising Certificate and are fully qualified to assess for Exam Access Arrangements, for DSA (Disabled Student's Allowance) and to provide full diagnostic assessments for children and adults.
Contact Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service in Croydon on
020 8239 8136 or 07713 744 057
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