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Dyslexia Tuition in Croydon
Specialist Personalised Tuition at an affordable price

At Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service, our aim is to provide support – through Personalised - Accessible - Structured - Supportive programmes, together with proficiency in technology. 

Specialist Dyslexia and SpLD Tuition:
targeted at Dyslexic Learners and learners with SpLD, accessed from home, reviewed and checked both online and face to face 


What can you expect?

Assessment, both initial and ongoing, is key, as every dyslexic learner has his/her own profile. One learner may find acquiring basic reading skills a huge obstacle to any progress; another learner may find basic reading skills to be okay, but spelling very difficult and achieving reading fluency awkward. Underlying ability, vocabulary skills and processing skills, including memory, speed and phonological awareness are also useful to identify, as different approaches will need to be taken and strengths
developed to compensate for weaknesses. Identification of overlapping difficulties would also help determine the most appropriate programmes and support.

We work with parents once a profile has been established – some parents may want their children to move straight on to technology if they feel their handwriting will only progress with a huge amount of time and input, feeling this could be better used e.g., developing composition skills using a PC/laptop. Other parents may be reluctant to take this route – so ultimately it would be their decision, although they would be given as much information as available as to the potential outcomes of these decisions.

Programmes are delivered in a small group setting with access from home (depending on programmes used). 

English Tuition working with reasonable adjustments (Exam Access Arrangement) as identified at school.

There is no one programme that fits all profiles, but programmes available we use that cover the greatest number of situations are:



It can be used for any age, especially as reinforcement for learners using either Units of Sound or Fresh Start. 
  • Several programmes or word-lists are available, including the new National Curriculum and Secondary School vocabulary lists
  • Personalised lists can be created so that words from other programmes can be practised using a variety of games so that the same words can be over-learned in a multi-sensory way
  • Several aspects can be worked on, including sounds, reading, spelling, sentences, alphabet
  • Printable Resources are available to reinforce learning

Read&Write (Texthelp)

Read&Write literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible – through text to speech. It boosts confidence for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, with writing and study skills support. From reading on-screen text aloud to researching and checking written work, Read&Write makes lots of everyday tasks easier.

Whilst registered for tuition programme, students will be accessing Read&Write from home, using a licensed copy.

Development of skills using Read & Write is supported by a Certified Trainer
Units of sound

Units of Sound

It can be used for approx. ages 8 – Adult – for learners who can read most 3-letter words by sight, without having to sound out. As this is a cloud-based programme, each learner’s profile can be accessed outside the centre, to accelerate progress.
Provides the following: Reading, Spelling, Memory, Dictation, Writing Extension (ideas) based on dictation, Reading pages of prose passages to check progress, based on what has been learned in the programme to date.

Visit for more information
The programme would be run and monitored by Units of Sounds Practitioners
fresh start

                            Fresh Start 

        Fresh Start is a structured teaching programme for Years 5 – 8 who are falling behind: 
           Aims to get all children reading and writing fluently in 33 weeks

           Engages children with age-appropriate anthologies
          Assesses children every eight weeks to ensure that they have the best provision to make speedy progress.                 
Visit programmes/fresh-start/

There may be other learners who are severely dyslexic, who may need more tailored programmes, and this would also be possible but would require more 1-1. 


£18.00 per hourly session
Prepaid block of 5 hours £85
Payable by cash or bank transfer prior to session

If you are looking for a Dyslexia Tuition and Support in Croydon, South London contact Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service on
020 8239 8136 or 07713 744 057
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