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The Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service specialises in supporting learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) by:  
Promoting strengths - Identifying areas of weakness - Developing personalised learning strategies - Using technology 

Our dyslexia support services include:

Information and Resources for parents & carers, learners and schools.
Full Diagnostic Assessments,including those required for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance):
Assessing for Exam Access Arrangements.
Training & Consultancy for schools and other centres on: how to identify the possibility of SpLD in their learners; how to support these learners and move them on, using a variety of approaches.
Dyslexia Support Services
Dyslexia information

Dyslexia Information:
  • What is Dyslexia?
  • Where can I find support?
  • Do I need an assessment?

Dyslexia assessments

Dyslexia Assessments:

  • Full diagnostic assessments for schools, universities, and workplaces
  • Assessments for Exam Access Arrangements
For further information on Dyslexia Assessments and Dyslexia Tuition
Call Dyslexia Support and Outreach Service in Croydon on
020 8239 8136 or 07713 744 057
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